Most people, as I am sure you do as well, have many questions about  what Sapphire Lutheran Homes has to offer them. The following section on frequently Asked questions aims to eliminate fears and anxieties about making one of life's most difficult decisions. If by chance you have a question that is not shown here please do not hesitate to give our staff a call at (406) 363-2800.




Can I afford to live in a Retirement Community?

   If you own your own home, chances are you can afford to live at Sapphire, but even if you do not own your own home Sapphire may be able to serve you as well. Sapphire serves a variety of income levels. Through our government subsidi... more

Are there always available apartments?

   In the case that there are no current apartments open, you may invest in the Future Entrance Fee of $5,000 which will earn interest until the date you move in and give you priority on the waiting list A person may be placed on the waitin... more

What types of meals are served at Sapphire?

   You will find our dining room comparable to a favorite restaurant, one that we hope you will enjoy sharing with your friends and family. Here at Sapphire our chefs’ work hard to serve carefully prepared meals each day with a choice... more

Are Pets Allowed?

   Yes, traditional pets like a dog and/ or a cat are allowed.

Are there laundry facilities at Sapphire?

Yes, each building has two laundry areas.

Are there religious restrictions or requirements?

   There are no religious restrictions for application or entrance to Sapphire Lutheran Homes. People who live at Sapphire come from a wide variety of religious backgrounds. All are welcome at this table.

How can I apply for residency?

Visit with our Administrator or our Office Manager. Each of the buildings have their own application process.

Who is eligible for residency?

A single resident or spouse must be at least 55 years of age to live at Sapphire.