Future Support

Those who wish to support Sapphire Lutheran Homes may want to explore the area of “planned giving.” While often referred to as planned gifts, these gifts are also known as deferred or estate gifts. These references indicate that you are planning to give from estate assets rather than write a check from your “cash flow” assets. This takes some planning and arrangement to accomplish, but is neither difficult nor lengthy. People of any income or estate size can express important values by including Sapphire Lutheran Homes in their estate plans.
Several planned gift options are available:

After providing for the needs of your loved ones in your will, you can make a charitable bequest to Sapphire Lutheran Homes. A bequest can be outlined in a will or added to an existing will as a codicil.

Your bequest can be expressed in the following words:
I give to Sapphire Lutheran Homes, 501 N 10th St. Hamilton, MT 59840, ____percent of my estate, or the sum of _______ dollars, or a specific piece of property (include description of securities or property).

Beneficiary Designations
One of the simplest ways to make a significant gift is to name Sapphire to receive all or a portion of an insurance policy or retirement account. Your insurance agent or retirement account administrator can assist you with the proper designation forms.